What is Electrofishing?

What is Electrofishing?

Electrofishing There are many different techniques that are used for the purpose of studying fish. One of these techniques is called electrofishing. As you might guess by looking at its name, electrofishing involves using electricity in order to catch fish so that they can be studied by biologists and those who work in fisheries across the country. They allow them to catch fish in order to study everything from the composition of a particular species to the presence in invasive types of fish within certain bodies of water.

The Process of Electrofishing

During electrofishing, biologists and fishery managers use either electrofishing boats or backpack shockers that are designed specifically for electrofishing purposes. They send electrical currents out into the water that draw fish in and temporarily stun them so that they float in the water. This gives those looking to study the fish the chance to bring them on board quickly where they are placed into holding tanks for further evaluation. They are then identified, weighed, and measured once electrofishing is complete before they are eventually returned to the water completely unharmed.

Electrofishing is important because it gives researchers the chance to find out more about fish without having to catch and kill them. It’s a catch and release process that is beneficial to both those studying the fish and the fish themselves, and while it might sound cruel initially, there is absolutely nothing cruel about it. As long as electrofishing is utilized properly, it can help people learn more about fish and put their knowledge to good use later.

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