Redear & Bluegill Sunfish for Sale

Sunfish are common, hardy fish that can be caught or used as forage fish. While larger adult sport fish like bass or crappie will feed on smaller sunfish, adult sunfish can also be caught in fisheries, particularly for novice fishers. Sunfish are an important part of a fishery ecosystem and Henneke Hatchery supplies sunfish for ponds, lakes, and other areas.

Many different types of sunfish can be found across Texas, with the most common variety being redear and bluegill sunfish. Bluegill sunfish, also called bream or perch, generally populate and nest in shallower waters, and consume insects and insect larvae. Redear sunfish, on the other hand, stick to deeper waters, and feed on snails. Because of their generally small size, most fishermen prefer not to catch sunfish, however younger anglers will find a fight with a sunfish a good warm-up for a larger catch.

Depending on the type of lake or pond you are populating, Henneke Hatchery can help you find the right sunfish for sale in Texas. Find out more about stocking, management, feeding, and other services online or call Henneke Hatchery at 361-798-5934.