Pond Aeration Systems

Fish need air in the water to survive.  Just as humans need clean air wherever we go, fish need aerated spaces throughout the pond or lake.  When water becomes stagnant and the air levels in the water are reduced, many fish species will suffer.  Henneke Fish Hatchery provides pond & lake aeration systems and supplies in Texas to make sure your fish have the air they need.

While natural rivers, streams and lakes often have means of aeration already in place, man-made ponds or lakes usually do not.  Water aeration is not only essential to fish, but it is also vital to other areas of the ecosystem, such as the small organisms that break down organic matter and keep the lake or pond clean.  Water aeration can be achieved by adding a fountain, waterfall, or stream, or through mechanisms like paddlewheels or floating surface aerators.  If you prefer not to disturb the surface of the water, jets beneath the surface of the water can also produce aeration.

Keep your pond or lake clean and healthy with aeration systems and supplies.  Whatever type of aeration or features you are looking for, Henneke Fish Hatchery will help you find it.