Pond Stocking and Management

If you have just constructed a new lake or pond on your property, or you have an existing lake that is not producing the same fish that it used to, an aquaculturist can help correct these problems.  Henneke Fish Hatchery specializes in the health and production of lakes and ponds, and provides aquaculturists and fish management for pond stocking in Texas.  Aquaculturist’s study lakes and their wildlife carefully to understand how the ecosystem interacts and how any problems can be corrected in the long term.

There are many different factors that affect the production or health of your lake or pond.  If the waters are traditionally popular fishing areas, the problem may be as simple as limiting the amount of fishing allowed in the area.  If new land developments have gone up in the area, or if agriculture has increased, the problem may be from pollution or fertilizer runoff that has disturbed the wildlife balance.  An aquaculturist can target these problems and give you solutions to promote more fish production in the lake or pond with larger, more diverse fish species.

Get an expert opinion for your lake or pond and solve any problems you are experiencing.  Call Henneke Fish Hatchery to learn more about fish management and aquaculture.