Henneke Fish Hatchery Pond and Lake Services

The total lake management service provided by Henneke Fish Hatchery includes closely monitoring all aspects of the habitat and water. From mineral content clarity to plankton production and the propagation of forage species and game fish, we provide these services so that your aquatic arena remains perpetually healthy and vibrant.

Some might not be familiar with our electroshocking system, but this is designed to let you know whether you need to add or remove fish from the water. This is a comprehensive service using the latest and most reliable technology available. Our skilled employees are able to make the determination of the fish supply using this technique.

Not many other fish hatcheries in Texas provide their clients with outstanding services like ours. You will always get our full attention through all aspects of the job. Your satisfaction is what we strive for. Now is the time to make sure you have a professional fish hatchery company on your side.

Fish Pond Design & Construction Services

Site and Construction

Pond Design
The Henneke crew will evaluate your property to ascertain the best locale available in order to produce optimal results according to your own requirements and species of choice.

Lake Stocking Services - Fish for Sale in Texas

Stocking and Management

Fish Stocking
Utilizing the most current research available to professional aquaculturists, Henneke Fish Hatchery will make certain that your water body is stocked with the right species of fish, and in the right quantity and proportion, to produce a top-notch fishery with a modest investment.

Large Catfish Removal Service

Electro-Shock or Fish Removal

Need fish added? Or, maybe, removed? The only way to know is through a comprehensive electro-shocking program, and utilizing the most current technology available, no one does it better than Henneke Fish Hatchery.

Pier Installation Service

Total Lake Management

A quality lake is the collective result of a great many things done right. In essence, your pond is a large and constantly-evolving virtual organism. Via a comprehensive, closely-monitored “holistic” approach, Henneke Fish Hatchery explores and addresses every aspect of the water and habitat, so that your aquatic arena remains perpetually healthy and vibrant.