Stocking Fish

Henneke Fish Hatchery is one of the leading fish hatcheries in Texas. If your needs have anything to do with designing, installing or up keeping a pond or lake, look no further than Henneke Fish Hatchery. Our complete services are dedicated to making sure your pond is going to last.

You can also turn to us for fish stocking in Texas. Our shop is filled with fish of all kind such as Bass, Catfish, Sunfish, Crappie, Shad, Minnows and exotic species. If you are stocking a small pond or large lake, there is guaranteed to be a fish at our shop that is ideal for you.

Certain fish survive better in certain types of environments. If you have any questions on how to ensure the longevity of the fish, give us a call today. You won’t be disappointed with our complete services. Catering to our client’s needs and providing them with superior services and supplies is our goal.

For complete information about the fish hatchery species and how they can work for you and your environment, please contact Henneke Fish Hatchery.

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