Exotic Fish

For decorative ponds, indoor ponds, large tanks and other controlled environments, Henneke Hatchery has exotic fish for sale in Texas. Exotic fish for ponds and other areas must be carefully monitored to ensure they do not disrupt the surrounding ecosystem. When properly added, these fish will brighten the waters and create an interesting water feature.

Exotic fish not native to Texas should be applied to an area with care. Some fish, such as certain small species of catfish, are useful for maintaining the clarity of a tank or indoor pond. Others, such as colorful Koi fish, add a particular aesthetic. Knowing the size and depth of your tank, its purpose, filtration requirements, construction and other factors can help you choose the exotic fish to occupy the tank. Whether you have an indoor or an outdoor tank will also be an important consideration.

Introduce exotic fish safely to a controlled pond or tank around your home or business. Contact Henneke Hatchery to learn more about exotic fish and supporting products and services available.