Minnows & Bait Fish

Minnows are useful bait fish and forage fish, so they may be raised exclusively for sale as bait or they may be introduced to a wider area to support other, larger fish. Minnows are an important food source for many freshwater sport fish that are popular in Texas, such as bass and crappie. Henneke Hatchery provides minnows for sale in Texas to introduce to your lake, pond, and river or to raise as bait.

With their small size, minnows require very little to survive and thrive. Fathead minnows live near the middle or bottom of the water, while sheepshead minnows thrive in shallow waters where no other fish can inhabit. All minnow species spawn quickly and produce large numbers, making them easy to grow as bait fish. Minnows are also a resilient species, and can thrive in various temperatures and aeration conditions.

Get minnows for ponds, lakes, and other areas for bait fish or forage fish. Contact Henneke Hatchery at 361-798-5934 or info@hennekehatchery.com for more information.