Electro-shock or Fish Removal

Lakes and ponds are diverse ecosystems that shift quickly.  If wildlife in your lake or pond has been drastically reduced, or if plants and animals have exploded, and you need to control the area, Henneke Fish Hatchery can help.  With electrofishing, pond management and fish removal in Texas, Henneke Fish Hatchery provides effective, long-term solutions to restore your water feature to its desired state.

Fish removal and electrofishing may be required for many reasons.  If the water’s ecosystem has suffered from a food shortage, algal blooms, changes in water temperatures or other circumstances, certain types of fish may have taken over.  Catfish, carp, flatfish and other bottom-feeders often overtake other species when the water changes, and it may be necessary to eliminate these fish in order to restore the ecosystem.  Henneke Fish Hatchery will clean the water of these bottom feeders or other fish and help reintroduce diverse fish species again.

If you are looking for a decorative pond without fish, if a single species has taken over, or you need assistance in general, fish management for your water feature, call Henneke Fish Hatchery today at 361-798-5934.