Crappie Fish

Crappie fish are a preferred game fish in Texas, second only to bass. Populations of crappie are also difficult to predict and control, especially given their close competition with bass. Henneke Hatchery has crappie fish for sale and can assist you with pond stocking in Texas to safely and effectively introduce these fish to your location.

Black crappie are more common in Eastern Texas, while white crappie are common throughout the state. Crappie live and spawn in protected coves, banks, or around submerged vegetation. Crappie eat small fish and crustaceans, and bass and crappie will feed on each other’s offspring. Therefore, to support populations of both crappie and bass, it is important to introduce them to the area carefully. For adults to grow to a large size, preferable conditions include normal numbers of both bass and crappie, ensuring the crappie do not overpopulate and stunt each other’s growth through excessive competition.

Introduce crappie to your lake, river, or pond and enjoy the best fishing in Texas. Contact Henneke Hatchery at or 361-798-5934 to order crappie fish and products for safe, effective fish stocking.