Hybrid Blue Catfish

To stop catching them you normally have to walk away.

hybrid1Every species of catfish has its own unique qualities. Only one, however, boasts all of them and more.

The hybrid blue catfish of Henneke Fish Hatchery. Well over a decade after its introduction, the hybrid blue cat continues to draw more and more fans as time goes by.

It’s easy to understand why.

From its insatiable appetite to its tackle-busting tenacity, the hybrid blue catfish is ultra-aggressive. Prowling upper-level waters, prone to attack artificial lures and on occasion even jump like a bass, hybrid blue cats are spectacular fighters that make for superb-quality fillets.

They also get big, and do it fast.

Hybrid blue cats grow 30 percent faster than any other species of catfish. With managed feeding, a 5-to-7-inch fingerling can weigh five pounds within a year.

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“To stop catching them, you normally have to walk away.”
Kenneth Henneke