Aquatic Dye for Ponds & Lake

If you have made a lake or pond around your home or business, you want a clear and beautiful water feature that adds to the landscape.  Green, brown or dirty water full of weeds is not what you have in mind, but that can often happen to lakes or ponds without careful management.  Henneke Fish Hatchery supplies pond dye and pond weed control in Texas to keep your water healthy and beautiful.

If your pond is located on a golf course, near a farm or another area where heavy fertilizers are used to keep the area green, you may notice that pond weeds and green coloration are constantly reoccurring.  Fertilizer runoff causes pond vegetation, including unsightly weeds and algae, to grow fast.  Pond weed control compounds can limit this growth and give you a clear, clean pond again.  Pond dye can safely produce the attractive blue color that you want in your water, without disturbing the surroundings.

Create a beautiful water feature around your home or business and keep it looking gorgeous year-round.  Order pond dye and weed control from Henneke Fish Hatchery today.