Expert Pond & Lake Construction

Ponds, lakes and other water features add value and beauty to both commercial and residential areas.  Whether you want a small pond to enjoy at your home and feed fish, or you are looking for a large lake to compliment a new land development, Henneke Fish Hatchery can help you build and maintain the water feature you want.  Henneke Fish Hatchery provides expert large pond and lake construction in Texas according to your needs and parameters.

Some ponds may be used specifically for fishing, or simply as an attractive asset to the landscape.  Other, larger ponds may be used for swimming, fishing or even kayaking.  Large lakes have a variety of uses, including fishing, swimming, kayaking and may even support larger motor boats and other water crafts.  Depending on the type of pond or lake you are looking for, Kenneth Henneke Fish Hatchery will assess the size, depth and other landscape features required to make a successful, healthy and beautiful lake.

Ensure the longevity and beauty of your water feature and call the experts to start installing your pond or lake.  Call us today at 361-798-5934 to learn more and schedule an appointment.