Fish Hatchery & Farm—Feeder Fish & Fish Stocking in Texas

In order to meet its full potential, every body of water needs to be effectively managed. Whether it’s a modest pond that has been the family fishing hole for years or a multi-acre lake still in the initial planning stages, having the right design, stocked fish, and treatments is essential.

For over three decades, the professionals at Henneke Fish Hatchery have been providing these pond and lake management services to landowners all throughout Texas. We go beyond simply providing you with premier feeder fish and fish stocking to help you manage your body of water and keep it thriving for years to come. As a family-operated fish hatchery and farm, we understand the value in caring for your lake or pond now so future generations can enjoy it too.

“No one can replace Mother Nature, but we can certainly lend her a hand.”

—Kenneth Henneke

Hybrid Blue Catfish Farm & Hatchery in Texas

When you enlist our lake management experts to revitalize your body of water, you can expect unparalleled attention to detail in our service. Our aquaculturists use the most current research available to stock your water with the right fish species and create a continued care plan. We maintain a healthy respect for the natural ecology of your water while doing everything possible to enhance and condition it to become your ideal fishing pond or lake.

Through our fish hatchery and farm, we can stock your waters with a variety of unique fish species, such as:

Henneke Fish Hatchery also offers electroshock and fish removal services for ponds and lakes when necessary to restore them to their desired state.

Pond & Lake Design, Construction & Total Management

Along with fish stocking and removal, our team can also help you design and install a new lake or pond on your Texas property. We’ll help you choose the best site based on how you want to use your water feature and then bring it to life. If we install a new body of water, or if you have an existing one that needs maintenance, we can also provide aquatic pond and lake management services to help you restore balance, healthy, and beauty.

To learn more about our fish stocking, water management, and other aquatic pond and lake services in Texas, contact Henneke Fish Hatchery today!