Fish Fertilizer & Pond Algae Control

All ecosystems depend on plants to stay healthy and to support many different types of wildlife.  Plant life is the foundation of the food chain and, without it, other species disappear.  For some ponds and lakes, plant growth can also get out of control, causing other problems.  Henneke Fish Hatchery supplies fish pond plant fertilizers and pond algae control in Texas to keep water plants at a healthy level.

Each lake or pond requires different levels and types of plants, depending on the depth and size of the lake, the type of fish in the water, the soil, and other factors.  Plants introduce oxygen into the water that fish and other organisms need to live.  They also produce food for many smaller fish and insects.  However, plant life, particularly algae, can become overabundant as well.  When fertilizers from farm runoff seep into lakes or ponds, algae growth explodes.  While algae does produce oxygen, it also requires oxygen to grow.  When minerals in the water are used up or sunlight is reduced, photosynthesis slows down and algae colonies use more oxygen than they produce, suffocating other organisms in the water.

If plant growth is scarce in your lake or pond, use plant fertilizer to promote growth.  If algae growth is hurting other species, use Henneke Fish Hatchery’s algae control to stop it.