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Here at Henneke Fish Hatchery, we carry various fish hatchery supplies. These supplies include feeders, aeration supplies, fertilizer and pond dye. All of our products are guaranteed to give you the tools needed to have a well-kept lake or pond.

Whether you’re installing a pond on a golf course or nurturing a local lake, we have a product that will suit all of your needs. If you are not sure exactly what type of product or supplies you will need, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our trustworthy and knowledgeable staff is always on hand to help.

We also have a fish hatchery design service. For those who are looking to dig out a pond, contact us today to help you with determining location and size of the pond. There are many great tips and advice we can give you to make sure the job gets done the right way.


Get the right piece of equipment. Get it right the first time.

 Henneke Fish Hatchery has for years depended upon the versatility, function and unsurpassed ruggedness of quality, Texas-manufactured feeders.

Henneke Fish Hatchery is your source for Ranch King, Sweeney, and Allseasons feeders. They are sure to have the right feeder to fit your needs.


The fish in your lake or pond are key to keeping the area healthy and productive.  Whether you use the water for regular fishing and you want to make sure it is not over-fished, or you want a beautiful landscape addition with clean water and wildlife, ensuring your fish are well-fed is essential.  Henneke Fish Hatchery provides automatic pond and lake fish feeders in Texas to help you keep your water healthy without adding more work.

Finding high-quality, durable fish feeders the first time allows you to maintain the longevity and beauty of your water feature without buying new products year after year.  Henneke Fish Hatchery pond and lake fish feeders are built to withstand the wildlife and weather, and maintain their smooth functionality.  The automatic mechanisms put food into the water for the fish on a regular basis and in the most effective way.  This prevents fish from out-competing each other and promotes more diverse fish species in the lake.

Order your automatic pond or lake fish feeder and keep the waters in your area beautiful.  Contact Henneke Fish Hatchery to learn more.



Both Solar and Electric Models Available.

Insufficient aeration, sub-par ponds and lakes. It’s that simple. It’s also that simple to remedy. Utilizing sophisticated pump systems, designed to accommodate each pond’s needs and demands, Henneke Fish Hatchery keeps the air on.

Fish need air in the water to survive.  Just as humans need clean air wherever we go, fish need aerated spaces throughout the pond or lake.  When water becomes stagnant and the air levels in the water are reduced, many fish species will suffer.  Henneke Fish Hatchery provides pond & lake aeration systems and supplies in Texas to make sure your fish have the air they need.

While natural rivers, streams and lakes often have means of aeration already in place, man-made ponds or lakes usually do not.  Water aeration is not only essential to fish, but it is also vital to other areas of the ecosystem, such as the small organisms that break down organic matter and keep the lake or pond clean.  Water aeration can be achieved by adding a fountain, waterfall, or stream, or through mechanisms like paddlewheels or floating surface aerators.  If you prefer not to disturb the surface of the water, jets beneath the surface of the water can also produce aeration.

Keep your pond or lake clean and healthy with aeration systems and supplies.  Whatever type of aeration or features you are looking for, Henneke Fish Hatchery will help you find it.


Fish food is being developed, and tested, on a more aggressive basis than ever. The Henneke team stays abreast of all new feed-relevant developments and product introductions, and brings that valuable information to Hatchery customers as an essential part of doing business. 

For ponds or lakes that are popular for fishing or for waters that do not receive enough natural food sources, adding extra fish food can help to strengthen the ecosystem and protect the productivity of the water.  Henneke Fish Hatchery provides bulk pond fish food pellets in Texas to make sure fish of all kinds have the food they need.

When food in a lake or pond becomes scarce, the most efficient fish species will begin to overtake others.  Those that do not require much food or do not consume many different types of food will outcompete fish species that  need large quantities or that have specific diets.  Larger fish species, including most of the more desirable trophy fish, will begin to suffer more drastically as the smaller fish that they eat begin to disappear.  Maintaining healthy levels of fish food and supplementing the naturally available food will keep all fish species healthy and productive, and it will increase the numbers and size or larger fish.

Henneke Fish Hatchery provides automatic fish feeders as well as bulk food for ponds and lakes.  For more information and to find the right food types for your lake, call Henneke Fish Hatchery.



Whether it’s for a golf course fairway or to ignite blossoming plankton blooms within the confines of a trophy-producing farm pond, appropriate fertilization with the right kind and right amounts of fertilizer is absolutely essential. Henneke Fish Hatchery knows fertilizer like race-car drivers know parts and tires, and our hatchery personnel can fast-track you to the fertilization enhancement process that most dramatically benefits your fishery. 

All ecosystems depend on plants to stay healthy and to support many different types of wildlife.  Plant life is the foundation of the food chain and, without it, other species disappear.  For some ponds and lakes, plant growth can also get out of control, causing other problems.  Henneke Fish Hatchery supplies fish pond plant fertilizers and pond algae control in Texas to keep water plants at a healthy level.

Each lake or pond requires different levels and types of plants, depending on the depth and size of the lake, the type of fish in the water, the soil, and other factors.  Plants introduce oxygen into the water that fish and other organisms need to live.  They also produce food for many smaller fish and insects.  However, plant life, particularly algae, can become overabundant as well.  When fertilizers from farm runoff seep into lakes or ponds, algae growth explodes.  While algae does produce oxygen, it also requires oxygen to grow.  When minerals in the water are used up or sunlight is reduced, photosynthesis slows down and algae colonies use more oxygen than they produce, suffocating other organisms in the water.

If plant growth is scarce in your lake or pond, use plant fertilizer to promote growth.  If algae growth is hurting other species, use Henneke Fish Hatchery’s algae control to stop it.


Some, but not all ponds, benefit immensely from the application of dye. The Henneke Fish Hatchery management team will assess your body of water and make an educated call. If your pond or lake needs an application, Henneke and sons will guide you through the process in order to make sure that your body of water enjoys the maximum benefit. 

If you have made a lake or pond around your home or business, you want a clear and beautiful water feature that adds to the landscape.  Green, brown or dirty water full of weeds is not what you have in mind, but that can often happen to lakes or ponds without careful management.  Henneke Fish Hatchery supplies pond dye and pond weed control in Texas to keep your water healthy and beautiful.

If your pond is located on a golf course, near a farm or another area where heavy fertilizers are used to keep the area green, you may notice that pond weeds and green coloration are constantly reoccurring.  Fertilizer runoff causes pond vegetation, including unsightly weeds and algae, to grow fast.  Pond weed control compounds can limit this growth and give you a clear, clean pond again.  Pond dye can safely produce the attractive blue color that you want in your water, without disturbing the surroundings.

Create a beautiful water feature around your home or business and keep it looking gorgeous year-round.  Order pond dye and weed control from Henneke Fish Hatchery today.