Stocking Fish

Henneke Fish Hatchery is one of the leading fish hatcheries in Texas. If your needs have anything to do with designing, installing or up keeping a pond or lake, look no further than Henneke Fish Hatchery. Our complete services are dedicated to making sure your pond is going to last.

You can also turn to us for fish stocking in Texas. Our shop is filled with fish of all kind such as Bass, Catfish, Sunfish, Crappie, Shad, Minnows and exotic species. If you are stocking a small pond or large lake, there is guaranteed to be a fish at our shop that is ideal for you.

Certain fish survive better in certain types of environments. If you have any questions on how to ensure the longevity of the fish, give us a call today. You won’t be disappointed with our complete services. Catering to our client’s needs and providing them with superior services and supplies is our goal.

For complete information about the fish hatchery species and how they can work for you and your environment, please contact Henneke Fish Hatchery.


Bass are one of the most popular and sought-after fish, with dozens of different types and many different sizes. Bass are fun to fish for. They provide a positive impact on a freshwater ecosystem, and they are relatively hardy. With proper care, any lake, river, pond, or inlet can support bass populations. Henneke Hatchery supplies bass for ponds and products for bass fish stocking in Texas, so you can add these fish to your ecosystem.

Largemouth Bass are among the top bass species for fishing. As upper-echelon predators, largemouth bass can achieve a respectable size and weight. They are also popular fish for eating. Largemouth Bass prefer darker, deeper areas where they can hide, such as under fallen trees or amongst rocks. White bass and striped bass prefer running water for breeding purposes, though they can be stocked in lakes or ponds for fishing.

To stock your lake, pond, river, or another area with species of bass, contact Henneke Hatchery to learn more about bass fish for sale & stocking in Texas, feed, site management and other options for bass cultivation.


Catfish are abundant, adaptive, and useful fish when properly introduced to a pond, river, lake, or other water ecosystem. Henneke Hatchery provides catfish stocking and catfish for ponds in Texas to keep your ecosystem healthy and make your location a fishing hotspot.

Catfish rank just behind the bass and crappie as a favorite game fish in Texas, including both blue catfish and channel catfish. Both blue and channel catfish live and breed in deeper water where they can easily hunt and hide. While some breeds of catfish are known as bottom-feeders, Texas catfish feed on insects, crustaceans, mollusks, smaller fish, and some plant material. This, with their astounding size, makes them preferred fish for game and eating. As catfish can easily outcompete other fish that hunt in their same sphere, it is important to control the reproduction and introduction of catfish in any area.

Texas catfish can commonly achieve 50 lbs in weight and large adults can achieve up to 100 lbs or more. To add this fish to your fishing lake, pond, stream, or another area, contact Henneke Hatchery.

Redear & Bluegill Sunfish

Sunfish are common, hardy fish that can be caught or used as forage fish. While larger adult sport fish like bass or crappie will feed on smaller sunfish, adult sunfish can also be caught in fisheries, particularly for novice fishers. Sunfish are an important part of a fishery ecosystem and Henneke Hatchery supplies sunfish for ponds, lakes, and other areas.

Many different types of sunfish can be found across Texas, with the most common variety being redear and bluegill sunfish. Bluegill sunfish, also called bream or perch, generally populate and nest in shallower waters, and consume insects and insect larvae. Redear sunfish, on the other hand, stick to deeper waters, and feed on snails. Although they don't get as large as bass or catfish, they are a great sport fish that are constantly biting - keeping the younger anglers having fun!

Depending on the type of lake or pond you are populating, Henneke Hatchery can help you find the right sunfish for sale in Texas. Find out more about stocking, management, feeding, and other services online or call Henneke Hatchery at 361-798-5934.


Crappie are a preferred game fish in Texas, second only to bass. Populations of crappie are also difficult to predict and control, especially given their close competition with bass. Henneke Hatchery has crappie fish for sale and can assist you with pond stocking in Texas to safely and effectively introduce these fish to your location.

Black crappie are more common in Eastern Texas, while white crappie are common throughout the state. Crappie live and spawn in protected coves, banks, or around submerged vegetation. Crappie eat small fish and crustaceans, and bass and crappie will feed on each other’s offspring. Therefore, to support populations of both crappie and bass, it is important to introduce them to the area carefully. For adults to grow to a large size, preferable conditions include normal numbers of both bass and crappie, ensuring the crappie do not overpopulate and stunt each other’s growth through excessive competition.

Introduce crappie to your lake, river, or pond and enjoy the best fishing in Texas. Contact Henneke Hatchery at or 361-798-5934 to order crappie and products for safe, effective fish stocking.


Shad are forage and bait fish used to attract sport fish or maintain their populations. This fish is vital to ecosystems around rivers and reservoirs. Henneke Hatchery supplies shad fish for sale to add to your bait pond or to support larger numbers of predatory fish in an ecosystem.

Gizzard shad and threadfin shad are both common in areas of running water, such as rivers and reservoirs. Due to their small size, larger fish such as bass, crappie, and catfish use shad as a primary food source. Shad can also be raised and used for baiting purposes. Shad reproduce quickly and do not require excessive care. Threadfin shad are more temperature-sensitive than gizzard shad, and gizzard shad are typically larger.

Maintaining significant populations and different variations of forage fish in a lake or pond will help to maintain the larger predators. Find live shad for sale in Texas at Henneke Hatchery to introduce to a lake or pond, or to raise as bait fish.

Minnows & Bait Fish

Minnows are useful bait fish and forage fish, so they may be raised exclusively for sale as bait or they may be introduced to a wider area to support other, larger fish. Minnows are an important food source for many freshwater sport fish that are popular in Texas, such as bass and crappie. Henneke Hatchery provides fathead and shiner minnows for sale in Texas to introduce to your lake, pond, and river or to raise as bait.

With their small size, minnows require very little to survive and thrive. Fathead minnows live near the middle or bottom of the water, while shiner minnows thrive in shallow waters where no other fish can inhabit. All minnow species spawn quickly and produce large numbers, making them easy to grow as bait fish. Minnows are also a resilient species, and can thrive in various temperatures and aeration conditions.

Get minnows for ponds, lakes, and other areas for bait fish or forage fish. Contact Henneke Hatchery at 361-798-5934 or for more information.

Exotic Fish Species

Triploid Grass Carp are used for aquatic vegitation control and must be purchased with a permit from TPWD (512-389-4444).

Mozambique Tilapia are excellent fish for vegitation control also. Reproducing every 28 days in the summer months, they also add plenty of forage for all game fish. Although they are extremely beneficial , they will die when water temperatures fall below 56 degrees.

We also carry Koi for when someone wants to add some beautiful fish to their pond.